The Malaysian MDF Manufacturers Association

The MMMA or the Malaysian MDF Manufacturers Association consist of five MDF manufacturers with a combined capacity of 1.6 million cubic meters per annum of which 80% is exported. This works out to be an export volume of at least 100,000 m3 per month.


MMMA members offers almost a fully complete range of MDF products ranging from normal MDF to low emission MDF, from LDF to HDF, from rubber wood to mixed tropical hardwood, from moisture resistant to fire retardant and including value added MDF products.


Added with a history of more than a quarter century since 1989 when the first MDF mill was commissioned in Malaysia, Malaysian MDF have been widely marketed and accepted world wide as a top quality MDF.

The Objectives of the MMMA are:-


1. To represent manufacturers and exporters of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) products in Malaysia.


2. To liase, co-operate and work with all parties, government or private towards the promotion, development and advancement of the MDF industry.


3. To originate and promote legislation or laws related to the MDF industry, to support or oppose any amendments in such laws as to ensure the protection of the industry and the interest of the members.


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